Majority of our work is done for other agencies and we cannot showcase it here due to NDAs.

Here are a handful of projects we’ve built and continue to maintain.

University of Michigan Health 
Maintenance, development and hosting support across all internal and external websites.

Desire Street Ministries – Thriving Index

We build a proprietary assessment tool for Desire Street Ministries to use for their ministry partners to monitor their personal, organizational, and spiritual health over time, improving their capacity to serve and equip others. The tool combines data collected from the leader, staff and board members and provides various graphical representations of the data. It was written as a WordPress plugin to leverage the strength of WordPress and its plugins.

Live the Life – Start Smart

We built and continue to support a partner compatibility assessment tool to assist mentors with premarital counseling.

  1. Couples individually fill out a thorough online questionnaire
  2. Based on their responses the system assesses their compatibility in 13 categories.
  3. The application generates a comprehensive report for the couple’s mentor recommending what topics and areas to address during counseling.

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