Fresh Harvest

(2012-2013) – We continue to host their blog with recipes while their main ordering system has been migrated to a SaaS solution.

In 2012 we created the website for Fresh Harvest based on designs done by their in-house designer. This seemingly small website is very powerful “under the hood” with the following functionality:

  1. Users can subscribe to receive a fruit or vegetable (or mixed) bin every week or every other week that arrives to their doorsteps.
  2. We integrated the payment system with Authorize.Net’s Customer Information Manager so that users would only have to enter their credit card information once.
  3. When users are out of town they can put their subscription on hold.
  4. Users can add extra items to their bin on any given week or swap items in their bin.
  5. Website administrator can define bin contents by importing previous week’s bins or by hand.
  6. Each week the website produces a shopping list of what produce needs to be acquired and detailed fulfillment shipping labels for each box

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