Your brand is a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer, constituent, sponsor and any other stakeholder in your organization. A good brand communicates a clear message about what it stands for and how it differs from competitors. It stems from your product positioning and your stakeholders understand and internalize the brand through its consistent use.

Our process typically includes the following but can be modified to suit your needs:

  • Design of a professional logo
    • Research of your brand essence, your target audience, competitors, and brand objectives for the development of a logo and brand image that successfully represents your company and helps achieve your goals.
    • 3 Initial logo design directions based on preliminary research
    • Up to 2 rounds of reworks on a chosen direction OR a 4th direction based on discussion generated by the initial round of designs.
    • FINAL DELIVERABLE: Color and black and white vector file of the finalized logo.
  • Secondary Marks (Optional)
    • Development of secondary logos to represent specific aspects of the organization.
  • Style Guide
    • Comprehensive brand manual outlining brand color pallets, primary and secondary typefaces, appropriate treatments of design elements.
    • Instructions for proper use, placement, and treatment of the logo and any collateral design elements or marks
    • Basic style guide sheet. A single page outlining the main dos and don’ts of how to manage the logo and the brand design environments it appears in.
  • Stationary
    • Letter head
    • Envelope design
    • Business card template
    • One design draft and one rework per stationary item
    • Additional stationary pieces for office or correspondence uses (e.g. Return mail cards, flyers, etc)
  • Print and Screen Templates
    • Standardized flyer templates that can be easily edited by client and used for various organization needs
    • Standardized banner designs that can be easily edited by client and used for various organization needs
    • PowerPoint templates that can be edited by client and used for various presentation needs.
    • Newsletter or bulletin template that can be edited by client for periodic printed news updates and information
  • T-Shirt Design