WordPress User Fundraising Campaigns

For 20liters.org we developed a WordPress plugin that allows anyone to sign up and create a fundraising campaign on behalf of a relief organization, then invite their friends and family to donate to their campaign and support the work of the relief organization.

WordPress plugin that pushed all users photos to single Flickr account

For an international speaker we created a WordPress plugin that allows visitors of his website to upload photos from his speaking tour. Behind the scenes the plugin periodically pushes all new user photos to our client’s Flickr account so they are aggregated in his Flickr photo stream.

Login and Profile Integration between multiple instances of WordPress and Zencart

A client with tens of thousands online community members approached us to help them improve their users’ experience by integrating authentication and profile information between the various disconnected applications they were using. They have multiple instances of WordPress and Zencart across multiple servers in multiple locations. We built a single signon solution that integrated these disconnected systems into […]

Pre-marital Inventory Application

We developed a custom web application for Live the Life that allows an engaged couple to separately take a comprehensive inventory of their individual beliefs and personality characteristics in 13 categories. The application evaluates the answers and produces a comprehensive report (in PDF) with specific recommendations for a mentor to counsel the couple as they […]

CAS/WordPress Integration and Academic Assessment Application

We created a solution for Grand Rapids Theological Seminary that allowed them to use WordPress Multiuser for student portfolios and academic assessment that tapped into the university’s CAS (Central Authentication Service) system based on phpCAS.